Meet Okaysou AirMax8L Air Purifier with Higher Grade H13 True HEPA Ultra-Duo Filtration System

AirMax 8L


  1. 3 Fan Speeds - Allows you to adjust the air intake and output based on your surrounding air to meet the optimum purification performance.
  2. 1/2/4/8 Hour Timer - Customizes and schedules 1/2/4/8 hours of operation to satisfy your unique purification needs and save energy.
  3. Sleep Mode - Silently purifies the air with a noise level of only 22dB, it turns off all lights to create a better sleep environment to ensure your sweet dream.
  4. Child-Lock Mode - Simply press the child-lock button for 3s to lock the control panel, you will not worry about the error operation caused by your curious children anymore.
  5. Filter Replacement Indicator - The air filter indicator tells you to need filter changes. Press the sleep button for 3s to turn off the indicator light after changing filters.
  6. Note: Please press the SLEEP button for 3 seconds to reset the machine after changing the filter.

Benifits of Higher Grade H13 True HEPA Ultra-Duo Filter


AirMax8L true HEPA air purifier powerfully and truly captures 99.97% of air pollutants to help you breathe easier and finally relieve your unpleasant symptoms such as runny nose, congestion, shortness of breath, sneezing, etc.

  1. Traps dust and pollen: 5-stages of purification trap such most common large particles as dust, pollen, and invisible household pollutants to help your lungs.
  2. Eliminates Smoke and Odors: this air purifier and odor eliminator remove smoke and odors from kitchen, old house, cigarettes and wildfire to breathe healthily.
  3. Captures Fiber and Asbestos: decomposes pollutants as small as 0.3 microns with eternal durability and the highest osmosis action.
  4. Absorbs harmful gases: breaks down various toxic fumes and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, hydrogen to make your air cleaner.

With CADR rated 210, this air purifier cleaner for small and large rooms completely purifies and circulates the room air 120 times per day in a room size of 320sq.ft. Just read the review below and see how helpful it is for smoke and odors.

  • CARB (California Air Resources Board) certified for sale in California. Approved in May 2019 and the EO number: G-19-071.
  • CE, FCC certificated, ETL listed on 8-Nov-2018 and certification number: 180800294HZH-001.

This air purifier is safe and quality assured.

Ideal for Living Room,Kitchen,Bedroom,Office

Air purifier for home large room

Advanced Turbine Motor with 45 Vanes plus creative internal structure allows AirMax8L to clean air more efficiently.

  1. With appropriate airflow, it circulates air up to 1.5 times per hour in a room size of 800sq. ft
  2. Recommended size 500sq. ft, it circulates air up to 3 times per hour.
  3. Optimal size 320sq. ft, it circulates air up to 5 times per hour.
  4. For whisper-quiet mode, choose the lowest speed setting.

*Based on the machine running at the highest speed setting.